Moss Cleaning & Recoating

Is your roof looking dirty, unkempt and full of moss and algae? We have extensive experience in cleaning roofs of all types.

A good level of maintenance can ensure that you get the best life span from your roof. Moss is not going to increase its life span, it needs to be removed! Moss thrives on roofs because of the damp, shady and wet environment but even though it may look pretty and different to other roofs, it really does need to be removed. Over time, if moss is left to breed on your roof, it will grow inbetween your slates or tiles and eventually cause structural damage.

The build up of moss and algae can cause serious damage, looks unsightly, can lead to blockages in gutter systems and down pipes.

As well as moss altering the structure of your roof, it can also quite easily find its way into your guttering and downpipes and cause extensive damage and expensive repair costs.

High Range Roofing Ltd have the equipment and knowledge to undertake and complete your moss removal, moss cleaning and recoating professionally.

Our goal is to remove the moss completely and then give your roof a thorough clean afterwards so your roof looks as good as new. After roof cleaning, our team will concentrate on any damaged areas of the roof that need attention and deal with any roof repairs that need to be carried out. Any loose mortar will be repointed and we will address any damaged tiles or slates and replace them if necessary. We will quote for any aspect of roof repair and roof coating and carry out the work at the same time as the cleaning to ensure your roof is left in good working order.

Let our specialist technicians do the work.

We also undertake other types of work that include:

  • Roof Cleaning
  • Moss and Algae Cleaning
  • Roof Repairs
  • Roof Recoating
  • General Property Maintenance

For reliable, comprehensive moss removal and general roof clearing from a company that understands the importance of having a weatherproofed roof to protect your home, call our professional team today at High Range Roofing Ltd on 0208 485 8975 or 07748 251720 for a free no obligation quote.